Welcome to my show, Arcade Recall!

Watch as I, the DetRiotGirl, interview a new gaming legend every week until I either run out of contacts or until my show gets canceled! See all your favorite characters tell their story as it REALLY happened. Or, failing your favorite characters, then secondary characters who may or may not have known them. Or, failing that, well informed tertiary characters with some basic creative writing skills. Or maybe I'll just pull an In Touch Weekly and make stuff up as I go along.

Arcade Recall: promising you journalistic integrity at least 20% of the time!


This week on Arcade Recall, I interview the cast of the game that started it all... PONG!

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This week on Arcade Recall we finally get the answer to a question that plagued me for most of my childhood. How the $&@% do you play Q*Bert?

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   Death Race

On this week's edition of Arcade Recall, we take a look back at the genesis of violence in video games. With featured guests the cast of Death Race, and an extra special guest appearance by Scorpion from Mortal Kombat!

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This week on Arcade Recall, the true story of Pacman as told by Clyde the ghost!

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   Video Game Bosses

It's a video game boss extravaganza on this edition of Arcade Recall! With featured guests The Alien from Taito's Phoenix and my boyfriend WagneRock! We will also be joined by special guests Medusa, Dracula, Ganon, Bowser and Mother Brain!

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On this week's edition of Arcade Recall, we ask "whatever happened to Frogger?" as we expose the dirty secrets of an industry that refuses to give its stars the health care they deserve. Watch as we hear from Frogger himself, with special guests Paperboy, Prototype man, the chicken from Freeway and my good friend Rif-Raf.

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   Alex Kidd &
   Sonic the Hedgehog

This week on Arcade Recall, my guest Alex Kidd discusses the sad tale of his fall from grace in the early 90s and Sonic The Hedgehog's brutal rise to power as Sega's official mascot.

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